Sexual Abuse Legal News & Updates

childhood sexual abuse trauma
How to Sue for Childhood Sexual Abuse Trauma
Childhood sexual abuse trauma can manifest in various ways; oftentimes, not until years after the abuse has been suffered. With childhood sexual abuse, victims are often too young to know...
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sexual harassment vs sexual abuse
Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Abuse: Myths & Facts Surrounding the Legal Differences
Google searches for “What is sexual harassment?” hit a five-year high in the weeks following the NY Times’ Harvey Weinstein exposé. Similar spikes for the terms “sexual misconduct” and “sexual assault”...
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help for sexually abused victims
Bay Area Attorneys Offer Help for Sexually Abused Victims
Ranked among the “Top 40 Under 40” and the “best boutique law firms” in the country, the Bay Area attorneys at Lewis & Llewellyn specialize in prosecuting difficult sexual abuse...
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signs of sexual abuse
Understanding the Signs of Sexual Abuse and How to Seek Help
The signs of sexual abuse may not be evident until years after the actions have taken place. Many survivors of sexual abuse don’t make the connection between the physical and...
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priests accused of sexual abuse
Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse: Seeking Litigation Against a Catholic Diocese
Earlier this year, the Diocese of Oakland released a list naming priests accused of sexual abuse. Along with the accused, the list also includes individuals who have been sued, arrested,...
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airplane sexual assault
Airplane Sexual Assault: Could an Airline Be Held Liable?
Sexual assault on an airplane is a unique situation. With so many people watching, it’s hard to conceive that anything could happen, but offenders hide behind lavatory doors, beneath blankets,...
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sexual assault in the fashion industry
Behind the Scenes: Sexual Assault in the Fashion Industry
Reports of sexual assault in the fashion industry have come to light in recent years. According to trade group Model Alliance, 87% of models say they’ve been asked to take off...
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sex trafficking lawsuit
Sex Trafficking Lawsuits: What You Need to Know About Filing
Victims of trafficking are often coerced or held against their will and forced to perform services. Many of these victims are young children, and most are forced into hazardous jobs...
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landlord negligence
Landlord Negligence: Your Landlord Could Be Held Liable for Sexual Assault
In civil court, the perpetrator of sexual assault isn’t the only one who can be held liable. Civil courts allow victims the opportunity to sue third parties for sexual assault,...
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california bans secret settlements
California Bans Secret Settlements: How Senate Bill 820 Will Affect Sexual Harassment Cases in 2019
The pervasive use of secrecy provisions to prevent victims of sexual assault and abuse from speaking about their situations has prompted new legislation in California. State Senator Connie Leyva authored...
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sexual assault in the military
Sexual Assault in the Military: Exploring Your Legal Options
According to the Department of Defense’s 2018 report on Sexual Assault in the Military, the reporting of sexual assault in the military has increased by 10 percent in one year’s...
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What to Do If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted in Another Country
What to Do If You’ve Been Sexually Assaulted in Another Country
Violence occurs in every country around the world, regardless of political affiliation, economic prosperity, or culture. Societal attitudes toward sexual assault can vary greatly from country to country and the...
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