Sexual Abuse Legal News & Updates

teacher sexual misconduct
Teacher Sexual Misconduct: Holding School Districts Liable in Civil Court
When parents send their children to school, they trust that the administrators and staff will uphold their duty of care for students. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true when incidents of...
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sexual abuse in prison
Sexual Abuse in Prison: How Survivors Can Seek Justice
Israel Trevino worked at the Central California Women’s Facility as a correctional officer for a decade before he was fired in 2018 for groping and sexually harassing inmates. His case...
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YMCA sexual assault
Determining Liability in a YMCA Sexual Assault Case
For many parents, the YMCA is a popular before- and after-school child care option. These parents entrust the administrators, staff, and volunteers to adhere to the highest standards when it...
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child sexual abuse accommodation syndrome
Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome: How Victims Can Seek Justice
Oftentimes, survivors of sexual abuse choose not to come forward immediately—or even at all—about what happened to them. In many cases, this is due to their fear of what may...
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when can you sue for sexual assault
When Can You Sue for Sexual Assault?
Due to the complexities of sexual assault laws in California, you may be wondering when can you sue? Sexual assault laws can be confusing, particularly if you’re trying to figure...
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treble damages California
Recovering Treble Damages in California for Childhood Sexual Assault
The passage of AB 218 is bringing a landslide of important changes for survivors of childhood sexual assault. Most significantly, it allows survivors to file a civil lawsuit between January...
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suing California government
AB 218 Eliminates Requirements for Suing California Government Entities
Historically, suing California government entities (such as a public school district) has been difficult. Under the California Tort Claims Act (CTCA), one had to first file an administrative claim for...
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ab 1510 California
AB 1510: California Law Gives Sexual Assault Victims More Time to Sue
The University of Southern California (USC) has received much attention in the past few months regarding allegations of sexual misconduct. In April, students held a sit-in protest of USC’s “unsatisfactory”...
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pressured into sex
What to Do If I Was Pressured Into Sex?
This post was written before the passage of AB-218. For information regarding the statute of limitations for filing a civil lawsuit for childhood sexual assault/abuse, click here or contact our...
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when is it considered sexual assault
Knowing the Signs: When Is It Considered Sexual Assault?
Sexual assault is typically thought of as an act committed by a stranger—sudden, forced, and oftentimes violent. However, these scenarios account for less than 20% of adult sexual assaults and...
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what is sexual bullying
Clients Ask: What Is Sexual Bullying?
Sexual harassment and sexual bullying are very similar but may differ for legal reasons. While laws may refer to actions as “sexual harassment,” many school documents call it “bullying.” During...
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how to cope with sexual abuse
8 Tips for How to Cope With Sexual Abuse
When understanding how to cope with sexual abuse, one must understand that what happened is not something they have to get over. In truth, there are no surefire ways to...
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