Sexual Abuse Legal News & Updates

treble damages California
Recovering Treble Damages in California for Childhood Sexual Assault
The passage of AB 218 is bringing a landslide of important changes for survivors of childhood sexual assault. Most significantly, it allows survivors to file a civil lawsuit between January...
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suing California government
AB 218 Eliminates Requirements for Suing California Government Entities
Historically, suing California government entities (such as a public school district) has been difficult. Under the California Tort Claims Act (CTCA), one had to first file an administrative claim for...
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ab 1510 California
AB 1510: California Law Gives Sexual Assault Victims More Time to Sue
The University of Southern California (USC) has received much attention in the past few months regarding allegations of sexual misconduct. In April, students held a sit-in protest of USC’s “unsatisfactory”...
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pressured into sex
What to Do If I Was Pressured Into Sex?
One in 16 U.S. women (3.3 million) report “rape” as their first sexual encounter. Not always do these cases involve attacks from strangers. Rather, these incidents sometimes involve someone known...
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when is it considered sexual assault
Knowing the Signs: When Is It Considered Sexual Assault?
Sexual assault is typically thought of as an act committed by a stranger—sudden, forced, and oftentimes violent. However, these scenarios account for less than 20% of adult sexual assaults and...
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what is sexual bullying
Clients Ask: What Is Sexual Bullying?
Sexual harassment and sexual bullying are very similar but may differ for legal reasons. While laws may refer to actions as “sexual harassment,” many school documents call it “bullying.” During...
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how to cope with sexual abuse
8 Tips for How to Cope With Sexual Abuse
When understanding how to cope with sexual abuse, one must understand that what happened is not something they have to get over. In truth, there are no surefire ways to...
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California Senate Bill 22
California Senate Bill 22 Aims to End Backlog of Unprocessed Rape Kits
When someone seeks medical attention after being sexually assaulted, it is recommended that they undergo a sexual assault forensic exam to preserve any DNA evidence that can be useful in...
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how sexual abuse can affect you
Mental Health: How Sexual Abuse Can Affect You
Childhood experiences, good and bad, play a major role in shaping our long-term health and mental well-being. When a person experiences sexual abuse in childhood, there may be effects that...
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passing the trash
“Passing the Trash” Allows Teachers to Abuse in Silence
A 2015 case study estimated that 10% of K-12 students will experience sexual misconduct by a school employee by the time they graduate from high school. Of those students who...
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signs of sexual abuse later in life
Delayed Discovery: Signs of Sexual Abuse Later in Life
In 1990, California’s Code of Civil Procedure 340.1 liberalized the statute of limitations in childhood sexual abuse cases. According to the revised statute, childhood sexual abuse victims would have eight...
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affirmative consent California
Affirmative Consent: California’s Law for College Campuses
In 2014, California became the first state to enact a “Yes Means Yes” law on college campuses to improve how universities handle rape and sexual assault accusations and to clarify...
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