Sexual Abuse Legal News & Updates

signs of sexual abuse trauma in adults
Identifying the Signs of Sexual Abuse Trauma in Adults
When someone is sexually abused, they don’t always interpret what’s happened to be abuse. This misunderstanding is more common when children are the victims of sexual abuse, especially when the...
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abuse during quarantine
Help for Victims of Child Abuse During Quarantine
The COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to the rise in reports of child sexual abuse during quarantine across the country. When asked by NPR, the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network...
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PTSD from being molested as a child
What to Do if You Have PTSD From Being Molested as a Child
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) not only affects soldiers who have gone to war, but also survivors of childhood sexual trauma. Increasingly, research is bridging gaps in the understanding about how...
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compensation for victims of historical sexual abuse
Recovering Compensation for Victims of Historical Sexual Abuse
Non-recent sexual abuse, sometimes referred to as “historical sexual abuse,” pertains to incidents that occurred in the past—oftentimes during the victim’s childhood. Many survivors silently carry the burden of what...
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school sexual assault
School Sexual Assault: What to Do if Your Child Is Victimized
Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is designed to protect students from harassment and sexual violence—including rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual abuse, and sexual coercion—in programs or...
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reporting historical sexual abuse to police
Reporting Historical Sexual Abuse to Police Isn’t Necessary to File a Lawsuit
For various reasons, survivors of sexual abuse don’t always come forward immediately after the abuse has ended. They may decide to suppress memories of sexual abuse or they may decide...
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California sexual abuse lawsuits
How Venue Rules Govern Where to File California Sexual Abuse Lawsuits
There are many ways survivors of sexual abuse may choose to cope with what’s happened to them. Many choose to place the abuse behind them, move away, and start fresh....
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can you sue a parent for sexual abuse
Can You Sue a Parent for Sexual Abuse?
It is possible to sue a parent for sexual abuse. It doesn’t matter whether the parent is biological, adopted, or foster. Sexual relations between adults and minors under age 18...
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fear of sexual assault
California Schools Have a Duty to Combat Fears of Sexual Assault
No student should have to attend school each day with the fear of sexual assault overshadowing their educational experience. Federal and state law requires instructive institutions to maintain environments that...
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sexual assault victim testimony
How Important Is Sexual Assault Victim Testimony in a Case?
Survivors of sexual assault can provide a valuable first-person account of the events that happened to them. However, sexual assault victim testimony can be a traumatizing ordeal when having to...
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fair act arbitration
FAIR Act: Arbitration Required by Employers Could Be Banned if Passed
At some point in life, you might be asked to sign a mandatory arbitration agreement. This legal contract waives your right to a fair jury trial, compelling you to go...
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age of consent in California
What Is the Age of Consent in California?
When does a young person have the mental capacity to assume the risks of sexual intercourse and consent to that type of interaction? When does an age gap become a...
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