Sexual Abuse Legal News & Updates

transgender sexual assault
Transgender Teens at Higher Risk for Sexual Assault, Study Says
Transgender and gender non-binary teens are at a greater risk of sexual assault in schools that prevent them from using bathrooms or locker rooms consistent with their gender identity, according...
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repressed memories of sexual abuse
Recovering Repressed Memories of Sexual Abuse and Seeking Justice
While California weighs the idea of extending the statute of limitations for childhood sexual abuse survivors to come forward in seeking justice, more research supports the idea that adults can...
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compensation after being sexually assaulted
How to Recover Compensation After Being Sexually Assaulted
In 2018, the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault published a report that found the annual cost of sexual assault in California to be $140 billion. That amount includes the tangible...
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ways to recover from sexual abuse
3 Ways to Recover From Sexual Abuse
The ways in which one chooses to recover from sexual abuse can vary widely. Because the effects of sexual abuse aren’t always immediate, it can be difficult to fully comprehend...
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California assembly bill 218
California Assembly Bill 218: Exploring the Outcomes of Similar Legislation in the Past
For many survivors of childhood sexual abuse coming forward about what they’ve endured is difficult. Oftentimes, by the time a survivor has decided to seek justice, their time limit has...
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California senate bill 360
California Senate Bill 360 Would Mandate Clergy Report Child Abuse Learned From Confessions
California lawmakers have taken action in response to numerous allegations of child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. California Senate Bill 360 aims to protect children by breaking the seal...
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what is sexual coercion
Clients Ask: What Is Sexual Coercion?
In the state of California, “yes means yes” is used to define sexual consent. This means that someone who is of age to legally consent to a sexual act has...
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victim blaming sexual assault
How Victim Blaming Keeps Sexual Assault From Coming to Light
Too often in cases of sexual assault does victim blaming occur. Suggesting that a survivor of sexual assault was the “ideal victim” or somehow “asked for it” allows the abuser...
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sexual abuse by nuns
Sexual Abuse by Nuns: Survivors Demand to Be Counted Among Those Neglected by the Catholic Church
When it comes to sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, news headlines largely focus on priests and bishops, but one report found at least six nuns among alleged abusers in...
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how to be in a relationship with someone who was sexually abused
How to Be in a Relationship With Someone Who Was Sexually Abused
It’s not easy for someone to come forward about being a survivor of sexual abuse. And sometimes it’s even harder for survivors of sexual abuse to enter into an intimate...
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revenge porn law california
Penal Code 647(j)(4): Understanding California’s Revenge Porn Law
Sharing sexually explicit images or video content with others is a personal choice, but state and federal laws make it plain: privacy is a right all citizens deserve. If you...
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sexual assault between minors
More Than Kids Being Kids: Sexual Assault Between Minors Is a Serious Matter
Nearly one-third of child sex abuse perpetrators are under the age of 18. When sexual assault occurs between minors, one may be hesitant to report the activity and if they...
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