Sexual Abuse Legal News & Updates

forced to have sex
What to Do if I Was Forced to Have Sex?
If you were forced to have sex against your will, it is considered rape and against the law. California’s rape law is codified in Penal Code §261, which makes sex...
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reporting sexual misconduct
Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct Could Prevent Further Assault
A touch on the knee, an awkward hug, persistent leering, crude comments; it is likely that many have witnessed or personally experienced some form of sexual misconduct in the workplace....
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my family doesn’t believe I was molested
What to Do if My Family Doesn’t Believe I Was Molested?
With 93% of perpetrators being known by the child and their family, it’s likely that when childhood molestation is reported, it’s difficult to believe. This may leave many childhood victims...
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child sexual abuse lawsuit
Can I File a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Against the Perpetrator?
Lawsuits against perpetrators of childhood sexual abuse can be pursued—even if the incident(s) happened years ago—thanks to legislation like Assembly Bill 218 (AB 218). Many survivors may never consider filing...
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sb 1300
What SB 1300 Means for Claims of Workplace Sexual Harassment
Following the #MeToo movement, lawmakers have set their sights on eradicating the culture of sexual harassment in the workplace. California Senate Bill 1300 (SB 1300), was signed into law on...
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never told anyone I was molested
I Never Told Anyone I Was Molested…Until Now
Many survivors of sexual abuse grapple with the thought: “I’ve never told anyone I was molested, can I still do something about it?” If this is your thought process, you...
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violated by massage therapist
Sexually Violated by Massage Therapist? Find Out Your Legal Options.
For many, massage therapy is a means to feel relaxed and relieve tension. Unfortunately, over the years, clients have reported being sexually violated by their massage therapist resulting in added...
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how to protect yourself from sexual violence
How to Protect Yourself From Sexual Violence
It’s not always possible to foresee sexual violence, especially when the person who committed the act was known and trusted. According to The National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey,...
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responding to disclosures of sexual violence
Duty of Care: Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence
The Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA) passed in California in 1980, ushering in a new era of accountability and child sexual abuse prevention. The list of mandated reporters...
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adults who were molested as a child
Adults Who Were Molested as a Child May Still Be Able to Seek Justice
Adults who were molested as a child often carry the pain of the abuse they suffered well into adulthood. While many survivors may go on to lead successful lives, there...
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Jehovah's witnesses sexual abuse cover up
Jehovah’s Witnesses Sexual Abuse Cover Up: Recourse for Childhood Victims
The recent spotlight on childhood sexual abuse has largely centered on the Catholic Church. This year, the Catholic Church spent more than $300 million on sex abuse allegation-related costs and...
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sexual assault pain and suffering
How Survivors Can Be Compensated for Sexual Assault Pain and Suffering
California is one of 15 states enacting legislation making it easier to sue for sexual assault pain and suffering, even if the incidents took place in the victim’s childhood. The...
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