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Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse

The Boy Scouts of America was created to build character in young boys and men, promoting community participation and volunteerism, and opportunities to succeed. Unfortunately, sexual predators have been known to infiltrate this venerable organization to gain access to young victims.

Thousands of cases of sexual abuse in relation to scouting have been reported, exposing a lack of action Boy Scouts that has been responsible for destroying the lives of many young boys. Such inaction has allowed sexual predators to prey on young boys, having serious implications on the organization’s reputation.

If you suspect your child or a child you know is being sexually abused while in the care of the Boy Scouts of America organization, report it immediately to the police, take the child to the hospital, and make sure he feels safe and not at fault. Charges can be filed against the abuser, preventing the predator from sexually assaulting another child.

If you are an adult who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse from a Boy Scouts of America representative, it’s never too late to demand justice and begin your healing process.