When We Can Help


Your church or place of worship should be a safe place – a place of faith, love and acceptance. Unfortunately, some church clergy, priests, volunteers and leaders destroy this sacred environment by sexually abusing innocent children.

It was the shocking headline news that surfaced several years ago exposing the prevalence of sexual abuse by priests serving in the Catholic church that rattled a nation, raising serious concerns about the faith and our children’s safety.

And while the Catholic church is taking measures to address child sexual abuse, encouraging victims to come forward and name their attacker, many pedophile priests never face their day in court, and are simply transferred to another parish, where the abuse continues – sometimes for years.

Sadly, many victims of this kind of sexual abuse are forced to remain silent because they are ashamed, afraid, think it’s their fault, have a sense of loyalty toward the priest and/or fear nobody will believe them. They suffer silently throughout their childhood and for many, into adulthood.

For many of these individuals, the feeling of hopelessness is overwhelming and they carry this burden alone, causing long-term ramifications like trust issues and the inability to form healthy adult relationships.

If you or someone you love is or has been a victim of sexual abuse by a priest, a church brother, a member of the clergy, a member of your temple, a member of your synagogue, or other church leader or volunteer, it’s never too late to report the abuse and get help.

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is a support group for victims of sexual abuse by Catholic priests and brothers, as well as offering helpful tips for parishioners whose priest has been accused of child sexual abuse. And although it may be difficult, call your local police department and report the abuse – and always trust your gut. You may be saving countless children from future sexual abuse.

At Lewis & Llewellyn, we believe you deserve justice and compensation. Experts in abuse cases, our attorneys are always available to discuss your rights as a victim to bring a lawsuit directly against the abuser and the parish or church. We have successfully represented victims of all ages who have endured child sexual abuse, recovering millions of dollars for our clients. We’ll fight for the compensation you deserve, and offer you the support and care needed to begin your healing process.